Can you trust I can surely say that CouponTigers is the real deal! At first it may seem shady because I saw a CouponTigers’ ad on facebook for a free customizable chocolate box. So CouponTigers has this cool concept of customizable gift box. Basically you get to pick up to 20 items in your box. How cool is that? You get to choose the items in your box? The Philosophy of CouponTigers is that each customer is unique and therefore their box should also be unique. I gave it a try and these are my choices:




Fast forward to today, I have received the package that I’ve ordered from CouponTigers today. The delivery has been quick and I got exactly what I ordered. It seems that I will get a monthly customizable chocolate box every month. How awesome is CouponTigers!

The customer care of CouponTigers is also superb. The representatives that I’ve spoken to know what they are doing and are very knowledgeable about the products that they offer. CouponTigers staff go the extra mile in making sure your issues are resolved at the soonest possible time. It’s a safe site for sure. I think that the concept is very original and CouponTigers deserve two thumbs up!



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